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2011 Calendar
R Date Place  
1 23-24.4 Spa Franchorchamps BE
2,3 14-15.5 Assen NL
4,5 15-17.7 Most CZ
6,7 13-14.8 Oschersleben DE
8 23-25.9 Assen NL
Season 2011 starts 23.4 in Belgium at Spa Franchorchamps.

See you there!

The 2007 - 2009 Project

Norrshine Motorsport is competing in the European Supermonoseries for the next three seasons.

After successfully securing the Nordic Championships 2006 in the Supermono motorcycle series, the goal is now to aim for similar success in the European league in the forthcoming seasons.

Serious transformation in 2006

In late 2006 transformation from a hobby to a limited-company. Drivers Tomas Tallkvist and Anders Härmälä teamed up with mental trainer Christoph Treier and developer Folke Tallkvist as the owners of the company. Christoph Treier is a well known name as mental trainer and coach in sports and is for the moment supplying his services for Ford World rally Team.

New location for equipment

For season 2007 the equipment will be stored between races in Netherlands. Because of the long distance between Finland and the racing tracks, it would be impossible not to have a depot in the centre of Europe.

2007 for knowledge

The team hasn’t competed in the European league since 2004, so during season 2007 the team will mostly focus on gathering data and experience from the tracks and finding optimal bike setups. As the team focuses on a 3 year plan, the idea is to see the finnish line in every race instead of crashing full ahead into unknown territory.
A definitive placement in the top 10 standings at the end of the season is set up as a goal, despite the careful approach to the season.

Full throttle for 2008

With the experience and knowledge from season 2007 the aim is to seriously compete in 2008 for the podium. The bike development will continue with gathered data from the previous season, making both the chassis and engine faster. Also the goal is to be at the podium at the end of a couple of races.
As the bike and rider developes continues from the previous seasons, 2009 will be the year when the aim is set at the top spot at the seasons end. The physical and mental capacity of the driver will also be at it’s peak during season 2009, as a result of the 3 year programme.

Serious transformation in 2006