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2011 Calendar
R Date Place  
1 23-24.4 Spa Franchorchamps BE
2,3 14-15.5 Assen NL
4,5 15-17.7 Most CZ
6,7 13-14.8 Oschersleben DE
8 23-25.9 Assen NL
Season 2011 starts 23.4 in Belgium at Spa Franchorchamps.

See you there!

Tomas 7th In Round 4

Tomas finished at 13th position in round 4 and of UEM registered drivers probably at 7th.

All drivers aren't participating in the UEM Supermono Cup, some are just taking part in the national Supermono Championships, which sometimes is confusing.

Rain Bike

Tomas reported in that "15 min before start it started to rain so I had to go for the rain bike". Tomas is equipped with a different bike for rainy conditions which makes him better prepared for sudden changes in the weather.

Sprocket Mistake

Tomas had to confess, "I though that I had a 14 teeth front sprocket installed, but on the first lap I soon noticed that it probably was just a 13 teeth sprocket". He continued, "this meant I reached max rpm at the half of the long straights, which was no good thinking of the final placement". "I drove the curves as fast as I could but it didn't help in the end", he concluded.
At the finish line Tomas had 4 drivers 2 seconds in front of him, which was partly due to the low straight speed.


Results can be found at the link below when available.

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