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2011 Calendar
R Date Place  
1 23-24.4 Spa Franchorchamps BE
2,3 14-15.5 Assen NL
4,5 15-17.7 Most CZ
6,7 13-14.8 Oschersleben DE
8 23-25.9 Assen NL
Season 2011 starts 23.4 in Belgium at Spa Franchorchamps.

See you there!

Season 2008 preparations

Tomas hasn’t been sleeping although the racing tracks are covered with snow during the winter.

Just a plowed B track on a snow-covered lake with a modified mx bike equipped with special developed finnspiked tyres. You are green to go !

13 Times

This winter Tomas spent 13 days training on ice. This despite that the actual winter was very short this year. Driving on ice is a good way of getting control practice for slippery conditions, it also gives you the feel of how a bike behaves when sliding ! On ice you have a very controllable grip with the special tyres that is used. It is also an excellent way of physical training !

Tracks on ice

Driving on ice doesn’t mean it’s just free driving in the open. Tracks are prepared in roadracing style and plowed before sessions. The tracks are not only round tracks as in ice speedway, they are traditional B-tracks that include both left and right turns.
Driving with motorcycle on ice is a very old sport in Finland.

Other Training

Roadracing on ice is very physically demanding, but it isn’t enough physical training. Running and cycling is also included in the training schelude before the season starts.