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2011 Calendar
R Date Place  
1 23-24.4 Spa Franchorchamps BE
2,3 14-15.5 Assen NL
4,5 15-17.7 Most CZ
6,7 13-14.8 Oschersleben DE
8 23-25.9 Assen NL
Season 2011 starts 23.4 in Belgium at Spa Franchorchamps.

See you there!

The Driver

Tomas Tallkvist will be the driver for the forthcoming three supermono seasons.

With Christoph Treier as the mental trainer the goal is now set for winning instead of a spare time hobby.

Strict diet and physical training

Losing weight and gaining physical endurance is a big advantage in motorsports. With a strict diet at the beginning of 2007 and a training mostly consisting of swimming and jogging thereafter. Swimming is a great sport for training endurance, because one get better at absorption of oxygen.

Winter Training

During the winter Tomas does Ice Roadracing which is a special training opportunity in the Nordic countries. Ice Roadracing gives the rider extreme training in bike control, due to the nature of riding technique on a ice track with spiked tires.

Team Bike Developer

Tomas also functions as the main developer of the bikes for the team in co-operation with Folke Tallkvist and Erik Andersson. Two new bikes are in the pipeline for the forthcoming seasons.